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Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial

Looking for some fresh, new material for your adult Sunday school class or small group?

Bring your lessons and discussions to life ... and make them more relevant to modern Christian living ... with The Wired Word — the easy, automatic way to weave current events into your weekly Bible studies.

The perfect resource for busy Sunday school teachers, adult discipleship instructors, pastors and small group leaders, The Wired Word delivers a ready-to-use, weekly lesson right to your email inbox every Thursday.

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With The Wired Word, you'll have everything you need to link the latest headlines to appropriate Scripture — with minimal preparation time!

Each weekly installment includes biblical commentary and discussion questions related to a topic in the news that week — sometimes even the same day! Finally, you'll have a simple way to  . . .

  • Relate current events to relevant Scripture passages — without spending hours researching and preparing your lesson or discussion.
  • Encourage group dialogue on how the verses covered each week apply to everyday life.
  • Engage group members with thought-provoking, stimulating discussions on the messages contained in the biblical texts covered each week.
  • Perfect for adult Sunday school classes, discipleship classes, membership classes, cell groups, Bible education classes, home Bible studies, mentor relationships, other adult church groups — anywhere you want to apply biblical truths to today's culture.

All this for only $1.53 per lesson!

Best of all, you can have your lesson ready in less time than you ever thought possible — complete with handouts for group members — based on positive themes acceptable to Christian churches of all persuasions.

Now, even if you have many responsibilities, you can create insightful lessons and spark meaningful discussions that inspire your members and help them see how Scripture relates to their daily lives.

Try The Wired Word now with no risk whatsoever and see what a positive impact this timesaving service can have on your weekly Bible study class or small group!

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If at any time you're not fully satisfied, simply let us know and you'll receive a full, prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

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“We have been using The Wired Word in one of our Adult Christian Education Classes. I keep thanking God for leading us to your site. Its questions and scripture considerations are the most adult, intelligent and provocative I have yet discovered ... anywhere. People in the class are truly thinking about their beliefs and its application to their own day-to-day life.”

--Ruth E. Carr, Covington Presbyterian Church

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