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Create stimulating adult Bible lessons — based on current events — in less than one hour a week!

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Each ready-to-use weekly installment includes everything you need to spark discussion and to relate the messages contained in Scripture passages to current headlines ...

  • In the News discusses a current event to be analyzed in a biblical context each week.
  • The Big Questions provide a framework for the discussion. Use them as is, or revise to include your own commentary and perspectives.
  • Confronting the News with Scripture provides the substance of the lesson along with suggestions on how group members can apply Scripture passages covered that week to their daily lives.
  • Discussion Questions help you encourage additional in-depth exploration of the topic at hand.
  • Closing Prayer provides a meaningful conclusion to the week's discussion.

Never again worry that you won't have time to prepare a weekly lesson — we do virtually all the work for you!

  • Every Thursday, you'll receive an email message alerting you that the current lessons are ready and providing a link to the material on our website. Just click on the link, go to the site, choose and download the lesson materials. Each one consists of a teacher's guide and student handouts.
  • NEW! Worried that the news article for the main lesson won't always be appropriate or relatable for your class or small group? Each week, we provide an alternative lesson entitled "In Other News," so you'll never be without material, even if the main lesson isn't a good fit. Simply send your students the alternative lesson, for no additional charge.
  • You can make copies of lessons to distribute during class — or simply email the handouts to your class members. The Wired Word website takes you through the entire process, step by step, from entering, changing or removing your group members' email addresses to customizing and transmitting each lesson. Even if you're a computer novice, you'll find it simple to use. With The Wired Word, you can rest easy knowing your participants have everything needed to contemplate each week's biblical texts well in advance of your group meeting.
  • Other than the weekly News Link, all material in The Wired Word is timeless, so you can use the basic content again and again. What's more, the non-denominational material can be used by Christian churches of all persuasions.
  • All lessons are archived on our website, allowing you to search by topic to find a previous lesson or related materials.
  • Substitute leader? No problem ... just email the lesson to your sub, provide your Username and Password, and the substitute will have full, online access to The Wired Word materials.

The Wired Word saves you money! Because you have online access to all lessons — with permission to distribute lessons and handouts to all your group members in either printed form or electronically — you can eliminate the cost of purchasing quarterly lesson books for students.

The Wired Word is a dream come true for busy Sunday school teachers and small group leaders! See for yourself ... try it today with no risk whatsoever!

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"We have been using The Wired Word in one of our Adult Christian Education Classes. I keep thanking God for leading us to your site. Its questions and scripture considerations are the most adult, intelligent and provocative I have yet discovered ... anywhere. People in the class are truly thinking about their beliefs and its application to their own day-to-day life."

--Ruth E. Carr, Covington Presbyterian Church

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