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"These lessons have totally changed the attendance at our church's adult class - we are a small church of 60 and our class would range in size from 2 to 12 on any given sunday making it really frustrating never knowing who, if anyone, would be there. Since we started using the Wired Word last fall there are at least 7 people there every week, the people vary because of schedules and such but whenever people can be there now they are coming and that has been such an amazing thing! Keep up the good work!"

"Recently, I have been telling a variety of people how much I appreciate and value The Wired Word. I thought it was time I told you. Ours is a small (200-member) church, and I would never have the time to do the research and other work that your staff does each week to develop these lessons. I moderate the class that uses these lessons, and the results of this topical, in-depth study have been beyond my fondest hopes. The class members work with the advance material, participate enthusiastically in the group's discussions, and continue to work with the lessons throughout the coming weeks. Profound comments and insights have become almost commonplace. One benefit of this style of lesson is that anyone can step into the class at any point and not feel as though he/she is way behind everyone else. First-time visitors are on an equal footing with the folks who have attended the class for months. Thank you so very much for making this wonderful resource available, and at a price that the smaller churches can afford. You have given us the opportunity to do the sorts of studies that heretofore only the larger, multiple staff churches could accomplish."

"I've been using the Wired Word curriculum in a young adult Sunday School class for about 2 months and look forward to each weeks subject and bible study. My students love the class and really complain when we have to cancel for one reason or another. Thanks to all who work on the materials for this study, it is informative and creates great dialog within the group!"

"I just wanted to let you know what a blessing your material has been to our church. Our Adult SS class has grown from a handful to 30+ in regular attendance. The real blessing is seeing the excitment in the members lives as they discuss living for Christ by confronting current issues.God Bless you ministry!"

"Wow! The latest lesson regarding war is really fine. The scripture used was right on target. My groups who use this are not meeting for the summer but still want me to send these for their own use. Again, this is the ONLY intelligent study I have found out there. the questions are thought provoking and suggest that reflection on the questions is far more important than coming up with rigid answers in lock step with dogma. For this reason, I can trust the study and do not have to "intervene" or rewrite some of the material to prevent literalism from becoming king."

"I have been using the Wired Word for a little over a month, and I can't say enough good about it. The lessons are great and you seem to have covered all the bases for the teachers. I tell everyone about what a great service you have to offer. Thank you so much. It is truly worth the cost."

"Just want to thank you for really excellent, faith-based, interesting material that invariably leads to great discussions, learning, and sharing. Good stuff! Thanks for making our Bible Study zing!"

"We are new to the Wired Word and if this is an example of the typical program coverage, I am thrilled. Good focus, good questions and nice Biblical reference. Please tell me this was a typical class module. You are making my life as an Adult Sunday School teacher with a class of 30 or so whose theology covers the full range from agnostic to literalist so much easier."